Gowning Room Benches

Stainless steel benches support your staff's efforts to meet gowning requirements prior to entering a controlled room. Benches are sturdy, attractive and can be easily wiped down, while resisting damage from disinfective chemicals. These furnishings are versatile in that they also serve to set boundaries that designate "clean" from "dirty" sides of the gowning space. Choose your preferred models below and increase efficiency while maintaining ISO requirements.

  • Free-Standing Gowning Benches
  • Floor-Mount Gowning Benches
  • Dual-Level Ergonomic Gowning Bench
  • Gowning Platform and Lean Rail

Gowning Room Benches image1
Cleanroom-compliant, aseptic benches for ISO-rated gowning rooms
Gowning Room Benches image4
Cleanroom bench containing electronic controls
Gowning Room Benches image2
Bootie rack with solid-top bench, sold seperately
Gowning Room Benches image3
Rod-Top Benches with Easy-Clean Cylinder Frames